Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Another Wall for Wile E.

Just when I thought I was ready to go live on that darn website, I run into another wall.  Will Wile E. Coyote ever catch that roadrunner?

Two Mondays ago, I was patting myself on the back for completed several more pieces AND photographing them, cleaning up those photographs, and having it all organized for putting on the website.  Then, I went back to the studio to pat myself on the back there.  I noticed one of my pieces did not look right.  Something had changed.  Upon inspection of several other pieces, they did not look right either.  Seems as if something I had used on several pieces was not a good idea.  Anyway, last week was spent in an attempt to fix them.  Most seem fixable.  One is probably bound for the trash bin.  Two others are on the fence.  And while I would like to be working on the website and new pieces, I am spending time correcting the past.

Anyway.  Two Tuesdays ago, I felt it was all going to be tossed in the trash and there was nothing I could do but go out and buy a handbag.  My latest one had just one more day left in it.  In my frame of mind, I bought two.  Spiffy.

And then a new mess of art supplies.  One order I thought would take care of the mess.  It did not.  The supplies in the next order seemed to help.  When in doubt, throw money.

But the best idea I seem to have had in a while is the purchase of new wooden letter stamps.

 Love these!  The large ones are 5" tall!  I must use these soon to improve my mood.  They were filthy little buggers.  Covered with decades old oily ink.  Not sure I have removed all of the ink.  They still have the tangy, dangerous smell of a grandfather's dank workshop.  These alphabets are far from being complete.  Hopefully, I will soon have an "OMG!" piece in the works.  Might have to do a LOL piece with the larger letters.

Has anyone out there ever thrown away a completed piece?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wonders Never Cease

Wonders Never Cease, 20 x20' collage on board ©2013 K. Hambric

Still struggling with the new website.  Need to write that blasted artist statement and fill up an "about me" page.  Aaarrrgh.  I'd rather make art.

Here's a great quote from one of my favorite artists: Michael Dickter:

Paintings are made of hundreds of distinct moments and of small decisions; each has its own “no” or a small ecstatic “yes.” The finished piece is a history of those fleeting, but profound moments."

I'd much rather experience a small ecstatic "yes" than write about myself.  Or, at least I could visit his site and look at his beautiful bird paintings.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


A little joke.  This post is suitable for work.  It is, however, extremely raw.

Why don't I post more often?  I prefer to wait until a piece is finished.

I prefer to wait until the lighting is right and the studio is clean and organized.

I prefer to wait until I have the perfect, witty lines ready to accompany the finished artwork.

And that is why I have not posted since November.

I just received a witty little book in the mail.  Austin Kleon says I need to put something out there now.

Now, back to the studio to read more of this book and watch paint dry.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Autumn (???) in Charleston

I am experiencing Autumn for the first time in Charleston, South Carolina.  Fall has always been my favorite season.  I am a huge fan of red, yellow, orange and brown leaves.  To be surrounded by a cacophony of falling leaves  is one of my greatest pleasures.

Yet, here, most things remain green.  Maybe more leaves have yet to turn.  Time will tell.

Until then, I will focus on the details.  The autumnal details.

When yellow and gold leaves are difficult to find, flowers will do.

A stunning, fading rose against yellowing leaves.

Ginkgo leaves.  My favorite.

Fall-tinted buildings become much more significant this time of year.

These yellow-flowering shrubs are everywhere.  I have yet to learn their name.

Ripening fruit.  Coloring foliage.

I have yet to find a leaf this color here.

Staged.  Couldn't help myself.

Love that finial in the corner.

More floral beauty.  So many plants are still in bloom.

Would one of these be missed?

Gorgeous leaves and branches against those shutters.

Random beauty.

Unidentified berries.

Anyone know what this is?  I do know that as the fruits ripen, it will become more vile in appearance.

I'm looking forward to watching nature change over the rest of the year.  I am not looking to the freezing temperatures we will have over the weekend.  Just one night, but that will be enough to do plenty of damage.  I guess a flake or two of snow would be too much to ask.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Decline and Fall - Completed

Decline and Fall, 18 x18" collage on board ©2013 K. Hambric

So not the best photo.  I'll be taking a much better one for the soon to come new and improved website.  Soon.  I'm practicing my procrastination.  And doing very well, thank you.

"Civilizations."  They come.  They build.  They conquer.  They screw up.  They fall.

And what is that '50' stamped on there?  That's my new age.  I'm including my own declining and falling.  Why not?  I'm not sure about the conquering, though.  How does one go about that?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Decline and Fall - In the Beginning

A trip to buy beads - diverted.  Just happened upon an antiques store.

Books!  I could use a few "new" books to slice up.  Was I feeling lucky?



Not much to look at from the outside, but a promising subject.

And another promising subject.

But, most importantly, vintage gray end papers.  Gorgeous vintage gray!  $5 per book.  Two end papers per book.  Worth it.

Now, I needed a project.  And I had certain colors in mind for this gray.

I always know the colors are right when I feel it in my teeth.  Too much contrast or too many jarring colors and to look at it makes my teeth hurt.  But the teeth just felt right with this.  Just enough of a twinge.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wonders Never Cease

Wonders Never Cease, 20 x 20" mixed media on board ©2012 K. Hambric

Wonders Never Cease is part of an ongoing series of collages.  While the series itself does not have a name, it has a theme.  The ugliness and beauty of nature.  Human enjoyment and fear of nature.  The urbanization and suburbanization of our world.  Human happiness among the chaos.

A new website will be coming soon and will contain all of my new, larger pieces.  I am scouting out appropriate galleries here in Charleston.  I must rewrite my artist statement, bio and other blah blah blah items.  I'm sure that is easy for some, but I do not find it easy to talk about myself or my art.  I've heard about those elevator statements where one must be able to explain their work in the time it takes for an average elevator ride.  Strange how it can take me months to come up with something to say about my world in 20 seconds or less.

Now it is time for coffee and glue.  Hopefully not together.